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Gauze Swabs Without X Ray

We offer Gauze Swabs Without X Rays made with fine yarn & bleached with hydrogen peroxide for high absorbency. It is available with or without X-ray detectable thread and no foreign material is added.

Gauze Swabs

Our qualitative gamut of Gauze Swabs are in high demand in the domestic market as well as the foreign front and offered in Easy-to-Peel Paper Pouches & Blister Packs Sterile, Non-sterile & Ready to Sterile Packaging Packed in Medical Grade Paper (Arjowiggins / Leipa). These are fabricated under sterile conditions in exclusive medical clean room of 100K / 10K standards and are bleached. Our gamut is available in American Fold & French Fold and also in customized sizes.

Gauze Swabs with X Ray

We are available with Gauze Swabs with X-ray that are crafted using 60% barium thread in blue / black color, imported from U.K. The X-Ray Thread is fully integrated in to the Gauze Fabric by weaving-in and is stringently checked as per European standards at every stage of production.

Absorbent Gauze

We manufacture sterilize and non-sterlize gauze swabs that are of fine quality adhering to GMP standards.


  • 5 Cm * 5 cm
  • 7.5 cm * 7.5 cm
  • 10 cm * 10 cm

Absorbent Gauze Roll

We manufacture and supply absorbent gauze than that are made of premium quality cotton.


  • 90 cm * 10 mtr
  • 90 cm * 18 mtr

Jumbo Roll

It is a highly absorbent cotton rolled with gauze cover and is applied over dressing to provide low adherent wound interface. It has excellent absorbency, which promotes healing and also protects the wound.


  • 10 cm
  • 155 cm * 2 mtrs
  • 15 cm * 3 mtrs